Our Vision

“For every African child to have equal access to information and communication technology, regardless of income, gender, and location.”

Our values

We are champions of change; we believe every African child in underserved communities deserves equal access to information technology resources and skills.

We recognize the importance of children having equal access to technology skills and resources.

We believe that through open educational resources, children can have access to resources that will help their present and future innovation and creativity.

We believe that parents and guardians have a role to play in inspiring children to learn digital skills and possibly explore a technology career in the future.

Our journey

OpenKids Africa was previously referred to as Pranet Technology Initiative. It was started in 2019 by Regina Nkemchor with the aim of giving students in underserved communities equitable access to information technology skills. Recognizing that a single organization cannot do this, we are cooperating with other groups, schools, and the government to promote the OpenKids Africa mission.

Starting in Nigeria, we are utilizing the Tech She Can open digital resources to expose children to technology and its advantages for future professions, with over 200 kids gaining a foundational grasp of the internet and technology-related career sectors. We utilize Tech She Can’s resources to introduce kids to animation courses in technology for medical, agriculture, education, safety, and security, as well as space. We anticipate that these exposures will develop future innovators in technology.

The demand for Information Technology knowledge and skills is an urgent demand in Africa. Children need creative, communication, problem solving and collaboration skills to thrive in the modern economy as they prepare for future jobs. 

In West and Central Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa, over 300 million children and young people per region lack home internet access, totaling over 900 million without access. 

There is marked inequality in internet connectivity across the world’s regions. Only five percent of children and young people aged 25 years or younger in West and Central Africa, and just 13% in Eastern and Southern Africa, have internet access at home. Inaccessibility to Technology, lack of Internet, poor network has become a prevalent challenge for rural communities in Africa.

Our team

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OpenKids Africa
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