Every child deserves
equal access to technology

Why start now?

The world is rapidly developing because of the way digital technologies and resources are shaping the educational sector. We believe that every child should be given the right to access open digital resources regardless of their location, gender, or income status. This way, kids can maximize technology resources to find solutions to common problems, innovate, and thrive in Africa’s emerging digital economy.

OpenKids Africa is leveraging open educational resources to help kids gain early digital skills that will build their cognitive intelligence and engage their imaginations to build and create. Through these materials, they will acquire the foundational skills required to thrive as they grow and develop in their respective career choices. We teach the children to recognize problems in their immediate environment, creatively think of solutions, design an algorithm, and execute solutions. These active exercises build a solid structure of teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. It also builds major life skills such as patience, tolerance, and focus, which prepare them to surmount future problems.

Also, we are teaching rural schools how to access free digital resources that will aid their teaching. We also provide them with refurbished computers powered by open-source technologies

Our Objectives

Using open educational resources to help kids in rural areas learn the basic technology skills they need to get ready for their future careers.

Advocate for the use of and access to open educational technologies and resources in rural schools in Africa.

We are getting more women and girls to consider a future career in technology by partnering with TechSheCan UK and using digital lesson plans with female instructors.

To collaborate with organizations to educate, create, and distribute open digital resources to schools in rural communities.



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