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The world is rapidly developing because of the growth and impact of technology globally. Every child needs equal access and opportunity to learn about technology and how to maximize tech in creating solutions to common problems, innovate and thrive in Africa’s emerging digital economy.

Why Not Start Now?

Introducing kids early enough to digital skills builds their cognitive intelligence and engages their imaginations to build and create. Foundational skills required to thrive as they grow are being developed. Children can recognize problems in their immediate environment, creatively think of solutions, design an algorithm and execute a solution. These active exercises build a solid structure of teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. It also builds in them major life skills such as patience, tolerance, focus which prepare them to surmount future problems.

In 2020, Pranet Technology Initiative started the Parent Teach Tech project to connect and engage with parents through webinars and social media on raising digitally creative children, helping their kids learn digital skills and providing the resources needed to aid their learning.

We started the Early Tech for Kids (#Earlytechforkids) in 2021 to provide digital knowledge, training, tools and resources for primary school children, especially kids in rural African communities.  Through the support of parents/guardians, schools, and our partner organization. We have been able to educate over 200 primary school kids on the role and impact of technology to prepare for a successful future, and we continue to create more opportunities for kids with a preference for children in rural communities in Africa.

Project Objectives

  • To bring about early adoption of technology innovations for kids in rural communities in Africa. To give kids equal access and opportunity to gain technical skills set that will prepare them for future career choices.
  • Support parents/guardians, teachers and schools in providing digital knowledge and skills for their kids.
  • Promote information communication technology skills for young girls in Africa.
  • Promote young children’s contribution to open source projects.

Project Goals

  • Train 80 primary school children in rural communities in information communication technology annually with preference to the- girl child.
  • Bring awareness to 100 rural kids annually.
  • Provide tech tools and resources to 50 kids annually to support parents/guardians and schools.


Pranet Technology Initiative is in partnership with Tech She Can UK (Home - TechSheCan) to inspire and educate girls to study technology subjects and pursue technology careers so that they have an equal opportunity to take part in the jobs of the future.



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