OpenKids Africa Visits Rosegate Nursery and Primary School.

On the 31st of October 2022, we had an exciting and insightful time with the children of Rosegate Nursery and Primary School, Oshuntokun, Ibadan, Nigeria. We had the purpose of educating the pupils on the power of technology and how it can help inspire future career choices.

We introduced them to the TechSheCan learning resources, where they can have access to animated lessons, on-demand lessons, tech models, and so on.

Inspiring young girls to pick a career in tech, we explained its practice across diverse career fields. We also taught them how maximizing the web effectively can help them manage their activities on the internet – it was so exciting to see how enthusiastic and interested they were to learn more about technology.

We appreciate Rosegate Nursery and Primary School for giving us the privilege and access to interact with the children. We appreciate our partner, TechSheCan UK for their massive support and we look forward to inspiring more children, especially children in the rural communities of Africa.